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Kwik Print Station is the world most secure and powerful cloud based printing kiosk operated by Blueline Print division which is wholly owned by Galaxy Automation Sdn Bhd. Kwik Print Station is accessible via an application called “ePRINTit” which is downloadable through Android (Play Store) or iOS (App Store) based mobile/tablet devices and/or its website: kwikprint.eprintit.com when using PC/laptop.

Users/students are able to send their print job(s) from anywhere at any time through the ePRINTit application/website. The print job(s) will be sent and stored in the cloud whereby users/students are able to release/printout their document(s) through any Kwik Print Station located in partner(s) premise.

All printed out documents are chargeable via pre-paid credit which will be deducted the moment a print document is released/printed through the Kwik Print Station. Pre-paid reload payment can be done through the ePRINTit application which supports FPX online payment by participating banks, online Credit/Debit card and eWallet payment by using Boost or vcash. Other payment/eWallet will be added in from time to time subject to the availability later.


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How It


How to


1) Download the app (ePRINTit Mobile) from Google Play or App Store (for Android and iOS).

2) Register a free account through the application and enter “kwikprint” as organization.

3) For PC/Laptop user, please browse to the following website: kwikprint.eprintit.com to register your free account.

4) Log in to your account and reload credit by using the supported payment gateway.

5) Upload the files that you want to print into the cloud using the app.

6) Find the nearest Kwik Print Station around you through the app (ePRINTit).

7) Login to your account at the Kwik Print Station and choose your desire printing file(s) to proceed.

8) Choose your printing options and print quantity.

9) All the details about the printing and charges will be display on the Kwik Print Station screen prior to confirmation of printing.

10) Printed document(s) may be collected at the output tray below the kiosk.



Mobile/Tablet (Android/iOS)

  • Play Store and App Store
  • Search for “eprintit” app
  • For new user, please register your free account
  • Please remember to key in “kwikprint” in the organization column
  • Once account is created, you may add or top-up your credit in order to start printing

For PC/Notebook

  • Go to website add: kwikprint.eprintit.com
  • For new user, please register your free account
  • Once account is created, you may add or top-up your credit in order to start printing
Frequently Asked


What is Kwik Print Station?
Kwik Print Station is the world most secure and powerful cloud based printing kiosk.

Why do you  need Kwik Print Station?
Kwik Print Station provides a secure, faster and convenient print-your-own service to users/students on 24/7 basis (for selected locations only).  Kwik Print users/students do not have to go into the hassle of looking for printing shop as they can securely print out their document(s) at anytime from anywhere. Users/students have the privacy of printing like using their own printer with Kwik Print personal authentication.

Kwik Print Station can be easily located through the app by GPS for users/students to locate the nearest machine around them.

How do I know if my files are secure?
All print job(s)/file(s) are securely sent and stored in the cloud for a limited duration of 7 days only prior to automatic purging. Users/students will have to key in their registered UserID and Password to print out their document(s) when using the Kwik Print Station.

How to use the Kwik Print Station?
Kwik Print Station function like a vending machine, place an order and the machine will dispend your order. Please refer to “How to print” section of the web page.

How much will the Kwik Print charge?
The Kwik Print Station chargeable fees is of market standard print shop charges, please refer to the charges outlined on the print station. The standard Kwik Print Station black & white printing charge per copy is set at RM0.10 for A4 size and RM0.20 for A3 size. Color printing charge per copy is set at RM1.00 for A4 size and RM2.00 for A3 size respectively. Please take note that the management of Kwik Print Station reserves the right to amend on the printing charges at any time in the future when necessary and all new rates will be published in the website and Kwik Print Stations.

Why shall I choose Kwik Print Station?
Because Kwik Print Station allows you freedom on printing and by printing document(s) using your own device easily.

Can Kwik Print Station easily accessible?
Kwik Print Station operates 24/7 on certain sites/locations. It will be made available in educational instituitions, universities and colleges initially. Other locations in commercial/residential areas will be added in at a later stage. Users/students can easily locate the station nearest to them through the application.

Will there be any refund for unused credit?
There shall be no refund for unused credit balances. User/student can use the balance of their available credit for future printing at any time later since there will not be any expiry date set on the unused credit balances. It is advisable that user/student chooses the right amount of pre-paid reload which are set at the minimum of RM10.00, RM20.00 or RM50.00 according to their printing needs during the reloading process.

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